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“I have read each and every issue of Carolina Mountain Life for the last 25 years and look forward with great anticipation to reading the upcoming anniversary issue. Keep up the good work, Babette! When guests from out of state visit my home, I make sure we have some recent copies of Carolina Mountain Life on the coffee table. I plan to secure several copies of the anniversary issue because my guests often ask if they can take the magazine home with them. If someone does not know about the excitement, cultural and recreational offerings in the North Carolina High Country, I always tell them to find a copy of CML.” -Jim Swinkola

CML is more than just a printed magazine, it is the publisher, advertisers, story writers, and photographers who come together to share the heart and soul of the High Country with readers. Congratulations CML for 25 years of determination and impact, bringing together and sharing the best of this magical place we call home. Thank you for embodying and magnifying the heart and soul of our beloved High Country.” -Lee Rankin, Apple Hill Farm

“Congrats Babette! CML has come a loooong way! Great publication. CML rivals Our State and Southern Living — great content and artistic presentation. Continued success!” – Dan Meyer – Boone Chamber, (ret.)

“Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of CML! Your magazine is unique for its exceptional writing about the High Country, its legends, culture, and people. It truly is a diary of life in our mountain community. Thank you for sharing these great stories with us!” -Richard Schaffer DEWOOLFSON

“Dear Babette, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the latest issue of your magazine is!  The quality of the paper was great — so much better than previous issues.  And the articles were really well written and so interesting. Of course, I loved the one on Jill Storelli.  She is really an inspiration to me and I’m now working out with her trainer too. You are doing a marvelous job and I have told so many people to be sure to get the magazine!!!” -Diana White

“I picked up the magazine yesterday and I want to let you know that it looks to me like the best issue ever! WOW! From the gorgeous cover through to the very last page it is absolutely beautiful visually and content wise. I think this one will fly out of the stands even quicker than the last one.” -Lynn Rees-Jones

“I am a mountain living dreamer. I saw your magazine with the cover of the buck-eye photo. It was a Botanical delight! I am a Master Naturalist from Maryland. Basically a “nature nerd” as one park ranger described me. That cover should win an award. It was so luxurious in color, posed in such an appealing design. I love it! That particular issue was so full of treasures and I learned so much. I worked in a public library several years and I love sharing excellent periodicals. That issue could not have been more interesting! I confess I took a few copies to share with a very select few. And while I am rambling, the article on Hart Village was an unknown destination and serendipitous discovery. I love true historic log cabins. Maybe next year I can obtain some tickets. Thank you so very much. Please thank the photographer for me as well. Still dreaming of living there.” – Julie Poehlman, Denton, MD.

“I picked up a CML in the mountains. It is a beautiful piece of art. I really enjoy LOOKING at it as well as reading it. I haven’t read any of the articles yet, but my first pass is always just looking at it. And how do you get your advertisers to submit lovely ads? So many articles that I can’t wait to read.” -anonymous reader via email

“I’ve now had a chance not just to skim the most recent issue, but to read and digest it — and of course, I’m awestruck by every bit of it. . . the coverage of ALL the arts in our region was phenomenal, and provides insight into all of the different cultural ‘avenues’ that define the High Country. We are not only grateful for the coverage of our own events, but by the stellar coverage of ALL the arts and cultural gems that make our region the arts destination it has become!” – Denise Ringler, Director of Arts Engagement and Cultural Resources, Appalachian State University

 “I am so proud to have Carolina Mountain Life in our local magazine racks. CML is not just some regional magazine with ‘a really good upcoming edition this season’ because every issue of CML is really good: from the beautiful cover to the variety of articles, to the ads, even to the quality of the paper.  Thank you for what you do and for making our lives a little bit better four times every year.” – Nancy Simmons, Banner Elk, NC

“I just finished reading the summer issue of Carolina Mountain Life magazine.  Way to go! What a thoroughly enjoyable read! I can only imagine how tough this spring was for you in trying to put the magazine together. You had no idea of what events would be happening, whether people would be able to be out and about; the whole world was so unknown. Heck, it still is! The magazine was beautifully put together with gorgeous images and interesting articles. Thanks so much for continuing to provide the high country with such a quality publication. I know it’s not easy. You are appreciated!” –Jane L., West Jefferson

Just a note to say congratulations to Babette McAuliffe, Publisher and Editor in Chief of the Carolina Mountain Life Magazine, and her team. This is the absolute best publication that I have seen across the country that promotes the culture, outdoor activities, restaurants, golf courses and businesses in the region.

The  writers capture the culture and everyday lifestyles of the people in the High Country surrounded by the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. -Dr. Jairy Hunter, Jr., President Emeritus and Professor of Business Charleston Southern University, Charleston, South Carolina

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